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Our example of an impact within the community was our guest artist teaching time with the students of Treadwell Elementary. We created a curriculum that gave them artistic freedom to explore their talents and gave them direction with our collage/paint style from scratch. We created four after workshops that helped the students create new ideas they couldn’t even imagine was possible.

One student in particular: Bria Johnson, took our art study with a whole new passion. She developed her own style from we taught her and stayed true to it even after the program was done. Her teacher, entered her in the 2016: Juried Art Competition at the University of Memphis, within the Fogelman Gallery. Bria went on to win best in show with her work and we were brought in for the award ceremony commending her work and our dedication to the student.

Kenneth(right) standing next to Tiya Jackson(middle) and Jody Stokes-Casey(left) commemorating the young artist’s Best in Show award at the 2016 Juried Alumni Art Exhibition held at the University of Memphis
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