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Kenneth Alexander is an artist who fused traditional, anime and digital art styles to create a new vision. NOVI arts was born, and from this merge, it has grown into its own landmark name. An alumnus of Overton High School, Kenneth has had a passion to create at a very young age. As he progressed in his style, so did his imagination. He applied the digital aspect of motion within his signature style.


Curating and features in shows garnered him attention from around the nation. He has created artwork for acts like Rick Ross, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League and even Kanye West’s producer: Ken Lewis. The Brooks Museum has also shown their support for his work. “Surreal Kingdoms”, an exhibition by Kenneth himself, was shown in conjunction with the Smithsonian’s “The Art of Video Games” in 2015 for 6 months. As the keynote speaker for the 2016 Scholastic art competition, he helped inspire a new generation of artists to pursue their dream and make it a reality.  Kenneth has really set a new path for artists to follow and succeed.

Alexander also wanted to show the good qualities in people throughout his work and motivate others to create their own art business. He uses mixed media within his pieces by combining acrylic paint and digital collage to create a stop motion effect.

This multi-media artist has created a new way view surreal realms by depicting different universes that he has seen through vivid dreams and imagination. As the artist continues within his medium it increases his surreal thoughts to new heights.


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