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“In the path of art, repetition is the road to mastery. Not just of your work, but how you grow through it” -Excerpt from the speech by Kenneth Alexander 
As depression has become “normal” in our daily lives, I want to break that stigma. Being happy is an uncomfortable feeling, at least for me when I got out of my depression state.  I want to help others know and see that there is a way out. And, learning not to be so hard on yourself. One example is my keynote speech at the 2016 Scholastic Art Awards hosted  me at the Brooks Museum. I gave my story and advice to a two-thousand packed room full young artists and teachers. Mainly from low income households.I judged over three-thousand art pieces, and many of whom who won Gold and Silver Keys. My contribution gave students who couldn’t afford to go to college, awarded scholarships and grants to give a shot at their own future through the work they created. 
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